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Garrett Portra
February 19, 2017 | Carlson Vineyards, Marketing, Wine | Garrett Portra

It's not about you................But it should be

We just started our wine club!  This was really exciting for us but also kind of scary for some reason.  Since the day Cailin and I bought the winery I have been saying we would start a wine club.  But what should a wine club be?  Many times when researching a wine club I found clubs that were more about benefiting the winery than the members of the club.  This seemed some what backwards to me.  I thought a club should benefit the members just as much as it does the winery.  I didn't want to start a club that forced wine to people who may or may not want it.

The first issue is wine is subjective and we make wine for every palate.  How do you make everyone happy and let them recieve only the wine they want.  The last thing we wanted was to send wine to people that would sit in their wine rack for years never being enjoyed.  We make a many different types of wine.  While this is great for folks in our tasting room it becomes a challenge in a club.  Do we ship dry wine, sweet wine, fruit wine, red wine, white wine or any kind of combination.  Regardless it seemed impossible to have a enough clubs that everyone could find a club they would enjoy. 

Also one has to think about price and quantities shipped.  How many bottles do people want? How many is too many?  Also I hated the idea of shipping costs.  It seems this is always somewhat hidden.  Wine is heavy so it cost alot to ship.  I always hated the term plus shipping and handling because it always left a question as to what the actual cost to ship the wine would be.   When it comes down to it the number of decesions left me slightly petrified.  Even with regular prodding from people coming in the tasting room asking about our club.  Finally I setled on a formula that has served me well when tackling other difficult task KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).  So we have finally lauched.  Our club is simple.  No tiers, no hidden costs and better yet the member gets to pick the wine they actually want. All we ask is as a member you commit to buying 1 case of wine total.  We do 4 shipments of at least 3 bottles.  This gets you 15% of off all the time as well as $10 flat rate shipping anywhere we ship.  The best news is we allow the members to pick the wines they want each shipment.  This makes sure members get exactly the wines they want.  We have big plans.  We want to make wine club only wines, do pick up parties, and other specail events.  This is for the future but for now we want to make the Wine club experience as simple and rewarding as possible for both us and our members.  We hope you enjoy our begining and will lend us your feedback so we can continue to make the club better and better.





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