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Garrett Portra
January 10, 2017 | Carlson Vineyards, Fermentation, Food, Fruit Wine, Wine | Garrett Portra

The F Word

Carlson Vineyards is the 3rd oldest winery in the state of Colorado.  The grapes were planted in 1981 and the winery began operations in 1988.  At this point grapes were few and far between.  I have had conversations with growers in the area of people weighing garbage bags full of grapes rather than the 1000 pound picking bins we use now.  Because of this shortage Carlson Vineyards started production with 3 wines.  Riesling, Peach, and Cherry.  Riesling was easy because it was one of the grapes grown on the property.  Peach and Cherry became main stays because of their availablity and the high quality wine they produced.

Since day one Carlson Vineyards has always made all the fruit wine from 100% fruit.  This means there are no grapes in any of our furit wine.  When you buy a bottle of peach wine you can expect it to be 100% Palisade Peaches in the bottle.   No concentrate, no flavoring, just a good representative of local fruit.  We pride ourselves in supporting local farmers and only producing wines from fruit available here in CO.  This year we used 51,000 pounds of peaches, 21,000 pounds of cherries, and 16,000 pounds of plums all grown right here in CO.  Making the wine this way has its own set of challenges but we feel the work involved is worth it due to the qualtity of wine we produce.  As a winemaker one of my favorite things to see in the tasting room is someone trying our fruit wine for the first time and seeing there reaction.  It is amazing how many people who start the tasting saying "I hate fruit wine" end up leaving our tasting room with peach or cherry or both.

Fruit wines are not only fun to make but are also fun and versatile to drink.  All of our fruit wines stand up to food on their own but also make killer cocktails when blended with the right ingredients.  

Manning the pitter for Plum wine:


Austin Baker's Gravatar
Austin Baker
@ Jan 12, 2017 at 1:03 AM
I love fruits especially apple and grapes. Most end result we recognise are the result of years of regular improvement by way of people. The apple is a superb instance.

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