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Our Family

Garrett and Cailin met in Fulton, MO while pursuing degrees in Environmental Science and Biology at Westminster College. After spending 2 years in St. Louis, MO for Cailin’s graduate studies the couple looked west for an adventure. Moving to the western slope of Colorado was supposed to be a 6-month adventure, but the couple fell in love with the lifestyle Colorado offered. 7 years later the couple added the first Colorado native to their family with the birth of Josephine. Shortly after her birth the family embarked on a new adventure with the purchase of Carlson Vineyards. Garrett had worked at Carlson Vineyards since 2011 with hopes of starting a winery of his own someday in the future. Making wine in CO can be a daunting task due to the climate and the unfamiliar wine region, but the family’s love of Colorado and wine made the opportunity too good to pass up. Buying the winery allowed Garrett and Cailin to establish permanent roots in CO. Shortly thereafter their second daughter Madeline was born. Today the family of 4 lives less than 10 miles from the winery. Garrett is at the winery daily as the winemaker and President of Carlson Vineyards. Any given day one can find Cailin at the winery in her role as office manager and keeping Garrett’s never-ending list of ideas under control. Cailin also works as an Occupational Therapist at St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Junction.

“As a family we look forward to building Carlson Vineyards and continuing to be a positive part of the Colorado wine industry. We hope to maintain the legacy started here by Parker and Mary Carlson as well as add our own influence to further build the winery.”

Garrett Portra